Leadco Legal Counsel (Leadco) is a Hanoi-based law firm established in 1992. It was one of the first domestic law firms to be founded after the implementation of the Doi Moi (renovation) economic reform policies of 1986. Today, Leadco is known as a full-service business law firm providing a wide variety of legal services for both individuals and organizations in Vietnam and abroad.

In Vietnam, Leadco ranks among the top domestic law firms with a long standing tradition and commitment to excellence. Leadco is the first choice for many leading companies, foreign law firms and organizations doing business in Vietnam.

Unlike more conventional law firms, we operate as a business, which allows us the flexibility to adapt to the realities of our clients. The key to our success is the ability to think, and act like our clients and be true partner to them. Our client approach is one of our unique selling features.

The firm is committed to providing effective and efficient legal services with the highest standards of professionalism and integrity for our clients. Leadco is one of the most internationally experienced domestic law firms with a strong reputation in the private and public sector.

The Leadco client list includes organizations involved in every major industrial sector: Banking, Insurance, Mining and Materials, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Electronics, Apparel and Textiles, Food and Beverage, Construction, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Media, Transportation, Logistics, Hospitality and Entertainment.

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